Getting Back into the Swing of Things

2 Aug

My brother from another mother, Jeremy Lassen, publisher of Night Shade Books

It’s official. Chris and I have physically recovered from SDCC.

Mentally? Not so sure yet.

I usually go into a post SDCC funk for a couple of weeks after the show. I miss seeing all you awesome people, staying up until dawn, my balcony…makes sense right?

Yeah, I’m a little crazy.

I keep getting asked by various people, some who were there, some who have never been, “How was your San Diego?”

And I usually give a very standard answer. One that doesn’t go into to many details. Cause really, how could you briefly talk about the 100’s of encounters, experiences & moments.

But here, I thought you might enjoy a glimpse into what my SDCC 2011 was to me.

  • Balcony waitstaff remembered us from last year
  • Preview night drama
  • Fantastic cucumber martini at Nobu (I had 2)
  • F/SF peeps late night reunion with Minz and Lassen, missed Klima
  • Hanging out with the CA crew
  • Dinner with friends
  • Adventure Time parade=awesome
  • Speakeasy with cool metal straws (which I have now ordered)
  • Party lines too long to wait in
  • Ivan, my dear, dear sweet Ivan. I am yours forever.
  • Dinner with more friends and new awesome people I’ve never met
  • Crying for joy at the Eisners (cause DAYTRIPPER won and should have by a mile)
  • Jumping for joy for Shannon, Art and Franco.
  • Gorgeous Rose
  • Late night conversations with old friend
  • Late night conversations with new friends
  • Dave’s ginger ale
  • Goodnight sweet balcony
  • Sad that I didn’t get enough quality time with a bunch of you
  • My brain doesn’t work anymore travel home Monday

Now looking forward to Baltimore.

I’m a con junkie.


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